Sunday, October 02, 2011

Brody Dalle's New Band Spinnerette

Some new rumblings from the desert people. Hot on the heels of the new Eagles Of Death Metal album (out Jan 26th in the UK and a whiskey-soaked barrel of fun) comes ex-Distiller Brody Dalle and her new project Spinnerette.

So what's the deal? Described on her MySpace as "being back in the womb" (and who doesn't want to crawl back into their maternal origins at this time of year) it's less punk than her previous but no less captivating. She's ditched the angsty snarl of The Distillers in favour of a much mellower, sweeter endeavour, albeit (in the case of our free download) twisted through reverse vocal loops and smacked about by thunderclaps midway through.

So, how to get involved: Livewise, they’ve already played a packed-out show at Club NME LA and will be over here for an NME Awards show on February 23rd at Islington Academy. Plus they're releasing their debut EP, Ghetto Love via the website on December 11th, which will feature our free track plus three others.